also please don’t dress up like frida kahlo for halloween, white girls

Please consider that denying white kids the ability to celebrate their colored heroes is counterproductive to the social advancement…

Frida was white.

Her parents were European.(Hungarian & Spaniard)

Erasure of her roots is racist.

If people can only dress up to something according to their races, then POC shouldn’t dress up as Frida. 

Her mother was actually mixed. She was half indigenous. It never stops being un-fucking-believable that people can straight-up deny who PoC are when they see brown skin on a person. Like, how obvious is it that she ISN’T just white? Is this what the “colorblind” bullshit white people spout off is about?

"If people can only dress up to something according to their races, then POC shouldn’t dress up as Frida."

I bet you were just DYING to say that. I bet you feel so fucking great when you tell PoC what to do. Pinche gring@.

"Pinche gringo"

LOL, YEAH, go on, use your fucking retarded racial slurs, which btw, do not apply, I am Mexican, you little shit. 

Even so, that’d make Frida still technically white. (I didn’t know that about her mother.)
Her father was still a pure European, and if her mother was half European, then what? 
Frida is mostly white. 3/4

I am DYING for POC to stop with their fucking victim complex and stop telling white people how evil they are and for them stop with that fucking notion that POC culture is fucking sacred, whereas white culture is just for everyone. 
That’s what I’m dying for. 

"Retarded." Wow, ableism. Nice going. Gold star. Bullshit you’re Mexican. Fucking bullshit. That’s why you’re so obsessed and defensive about white people. Yeah, sure. Gring@ is not a fucking "slur." We invented the word because we were fed up with white people in our country. Don’t call me ignorant and don’t call me a shit. You need to do some reading before you speak.

But she was not passing, and that’s an entirely different, yet notable facet of racism. Also this is my dad. The one holding the trophy:

What was that bullshit about erasure? What was that about victim complex? What, exactly, is my victim complex? The fact that I can see that white people call my dad “sir,” take his complaints seriously, don’t shove him out of the way and mutter things under their breath, that it’s probably 10 times more likely that someone will help my family out for any amount of reasons if my dad is doing the talking and comparing that to the way I see white people treat my mom or myself, who is not white passing? Gee, almost sounds like critical thinking to me.

"…and for them stop with that fucking notion that POC culture is fucking sacred, whereas white culture is just for everyone. " So…you’re dying to tell PoC what to do? Like, how is that different? All culture is sacred, but when you live in a world where white culture is deemed as more precious than ours, excuse us for trying to protect it. Excuse people. even mixed people, for trying to preserve their native heritage in a world that believes anything made by non-whites is up for the taking.

Also, saying that PoC have a victim complex implies that they somehow value white people enough to be considered lowly when in their shadow and that’s not the case at all. Y’all love to call marginalized groups “victims” because it makes you feel powerful. Then you turn it around and blame it on us. Get over yourself, seriously.

I am Mexican, I don’t give a fuck if you believe me or not, I have no reason to lie whatsoever. (& te escribo en ingles por que no se si hablas espaniol o no)

I never denied that she didn’t have her indigenous roots, like I said, I didn’t know. But that still makes her mostly white. 

Yes, all culture, ALL culture is precious and sacred. Whites, and POC. 

No culture is up for taking. And that;s something POC need to understand too. What I meant with that was precisely, that not only POC’s culture is sacred. 

I say that POC have a victim complex, because they do.  Starting up by the fact of how according to pOC, they are the only victims of racism. (And thus erasing all hate crimes against whites, which are the majority tbh). 

That doesn’t make anybody powerful. Hating or demeaning whites does not make POC powerful, nor the other way around. But when POCs do it, it’s fucking acceptable. Why? Because of the victim complex, AGAIN.

En serio? Pues es muy facil escribir con el ayudo de Google, no? Sacate, chamaquita.

It doesn’t always matter if someone is mostly white. If they are not passing, they still, as an individual, get treated unfairly because of the color of their skin.

Gosh, you sure do love to feel superior to PoC, don’t you? You LOVE calling us victims and plugging your ears when we try to empower ourselves. You fucking LOVE that shit. You want so bad to be a victim yourself. You just cannot handle that racism is an institution because that would mean you can’t join the made-up victim club you’ve got going in your head. I mean, if PoC pretend to be victims and whites don’t, why are whites so mad about these so-called hate crimes and ~racism?~ Hmmmmm.

No one’s hating whites, chickie pie. Way to preach about erasure, then go on to ignore that picture of my white dad. Or are you implying that I hate my dad? Or is realizing my dad is white making it hard for you to hate me for being brown and speaking? We are protecting our culture from white people. We are asking white people to respect us. When the majority of what we consume is made for and by white people, why can’t people drink from that river and leave ours alone?

And if we’re assuming for a microsecond that “racism against whites” is a thing, tell me, when did that happen? Because you do realize that there are still black people alive today who remember a time when the government and the majority of the governed said they weren’t good enough to even take a shit in the same vicinity as white people, right? Is that when “racism against whites” started? We desegregated everything and 40 years later everything is fixed to the point where white people are suffering from institutional discrimination now? Really? REALLY?

Bueno, ya vi que si hablas espaniol, es mas facil expresarse asi lol contesto de este blog por que no quiero hacer spam en el otro. 

Mi punto con eso relativo a lo que dijo OP era mas que nada que por que prohibirle a una raza hacer algo si para empezar esa persona tmb tiene parte de blanco??

No se trata de superioridad, solo que realmente no se me hace bien que tengamos que reprochar de todos nuestros problemas a la gente blanca. Tampoco dije que la gente de color no sea victima, la cosa es que lo convierten tal cual en un complejo & lo hacen algo innecesario (en especial en paises que llevan anios siendo predominantemente blancos.) Pero eso no significa que la gente de color no comita crimenes contra los blancos & tampoco cambia el hecho de que mayoria de crimenes raciales sean contra blancos. (& varios dentro de paises europeos, que son tecnicamente paises de blancos.)

Ignore la foto por que no le veo el punto a sacar lo de privilegio de blanco. La gente generalmente tiene privilegios dentro del mismo sitio del que son nativos. Los chinos tienen privilegios en China, aqui en Mexico, los latinos tienen privilegios, en Europa los blancos tienen privilegios. No viene al caso. Vives en EUA? Por que en  tal caso, no me sorprenderia que salieras con eso. EUA era pais  mayormente de blancos hasta 1970s, no es una gran sorpresa que aun los blancos se consideren una prioridad. & no digo que este bien, solo digo que es fue pais de blancos por muchos anios & obvio van a tener privilegios. 

Como ya te dije, mayoria de crimenes raciales son en contra de los blancos, & eso no es racismo?? & lo peor del caso, es que varias veces es perdonable precisamente por que hay gente que cree que el racismo contra blancos no es posible. 

Que haya racismo contra otras razas tampoco borra el racismo contra los blancos. Que por cierto, ya todos tienen los mismos derechos, asi que sacar eso tampoco viene al caso.

Pero precisamente por lo que paso antes es que ahora puedes ganar becas solo por ser negro, el gobierno te puede mantener por ser de color, etc.